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    Rehabilitation has helped many of our clients become strong and fit again. Before seeing us, while still young at heart, their bodies had become increasingly weak.

    An unfortunate effect of ageing, this weakness can be a result of decades of wear and tear, or health issues, such as heart conditions and arthritis. These can all affect the quality of our day-to-day lives. Getting out of bed, using the bathroom, walking to the letterbox or doing some gardening are everyday activities that can become increasingly difficult. This in turn can impact on energy levels, leaving us feeling tired and fatigued. Rounds of golf or afternoons on the bowling green may quickly become a thing of the past, but they don’t have to be.

  • Regain independence

    TotalRehabPlus solves problems and makes life easier for those of us in our golden years. By implementing simple, yet effective, solutions we can reduce daily struggles and instead enable clients to put their energy where it’s needed.

    It all begins with an at home needs assessment. By visiting your environment and talking through your daily routine, we can get a clear understanding of where the difficulties lie, identify any potential risks and, most importantly, determine what the solutions will be.

The process

  • Assessment

  • Discuss

  • Routine

  • Solution

  • Services

    We offer the following lifestyle services and solutions:

    • Safety in the home
    • Adaptive aids and equipment
    • Functional Assessments
    • Educational Techniques
    • Enable funding assessments for equipment
    • Liaise with other agencies for support and assistance

    Housing modifications (Privately funded):

    • Structural and non-structural assessments
    • Minor modifications (rails and temporary ramps)
    • Major modifications (kitchens, bathrooms, doorways etc)

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TotalRehabPlus aims to enhance our clients’ quality of life, ensure they’re safe in their own home and enable them to retain their independence. Our services are all encompassing. We look at every option and take into account the bigger picture. Rather than simply treating the problem, we ensure the environment is taken into account and solutions are implemented.

We can assist clients who have been referred by their GP or another healthcare professional, are under ACC or are self-referrals.

If you would like to find out how TotalRehabPlus could make your life easier, contact us today.

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