• Improving productivity with a workplace assessment – Waikato wide

    TotalRehabPlus can advise workplaces on effective practices that will ensure staff are fit, healthy and productive.

    An unhealthy employee can impact on the whole work environment, affecting workplace culture and your bottom line. Our occupational therapists can visit your workplace, undertake an assessment of your surroundings and work stations, and provide recommendations of a range of services and solutions that will blend in with your work environment. Our focus is on prevention and enabling your workforce to be as productive and efficient as possible.

  • Navigating the system

    The cost and compliance surrounding health and safety can impact on an organisation’s day-to-day operations, particularly small and medium-sized businesses. Many firms of this size may not have a health and safety department, but adhering to the new ‘Health and Safety at Work Act’ is compulsory.

    TotalRehabPlus offers an advisory and case management service to help firms navigate the health and safety system. We can provide recommendations, implement policies and practices and educate staff on ways to prevent incidents in the workplace to ensure all employees stay fit, healthy and productive.

The process

  • Assessment

  • Discuss

  • Routine

  • Solution

  • Services

    We offer the following services for workplaces and employers:

    • Health and safety audit
    • Education and training
    • ACC case management and liaison
    • Workstation assessment
    • Workplace design and equipment

Advisory role

If you would like to find out more about the workplace advisory services we offer here at TotalRehabPlus, contact us today.

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