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Advantages of using a lift out chair

Using Lift Out Chairs

Ageing, illness, injury or disability can have a huge impact on mobility. What we normally take for granted (getting on/off a chair) can become difficult.  Being comfortable whilst sitting can aide respiration, circulation and digestion, plus provide you with good pressure relief and postural support. Good seating can also improve your emotional wellbeing, improve social interaction, and ultimately make daily living more enjoyable!

When getting in and out of your chair becomes too challenging. Lift chairs, rehabilitation chairs and chair raising blocks can assist to make this easier. Lift chairs allow you to move from sitting to standing with the simple press of a button. Lift out chairs look very similar to standard arm chairs and come in many colours/styles to fit with you own aesthetics. They move at a slow pace to minimise to reduce the effects of blood pressure changes and can place you in a standing position reducing load on the knees/lower limbs and preventing falls.

When a chair is too high and your feet won’t touch the ground, you will slide forward to gain stability which puts pressure through your lower back. If the seat is too low then your knees will be higher than your hips, putting all your weight through your buttocks and making standing difficult. 



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