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Tips to help you conserve energy

Energy conservation is a series of techniques to help you learn how to not waste your energy, so that when you need some, you have the energy you need for the things you want to do. Techniques include:


This means choosing the activities that are important to you. Sometimes spending our energy on the basic tasks of life (cooking, cleaning and showering etc.) can drain us of limited energy resources. This often means the activities we really enjoy are often overlooked (meeting friends/family, outings, games and social activities).


Choosing to sit down for some activities can be helpful i.e. chopping vegetables, ironing, getting washed and dressed etc. Sitting down can conserve up to 25% of your energy.

Choosing a different times of day for certain activities can change your energy levels. There is lots of equipment available to assist with energy conservation such as shower stools, kitchen trolleys, wheelchairs, perching stools, toilet frames, long handled sponges and jar openers to name a few. 


This means alternating between tasks or breaking a task down into smaller bites. Having a 5 minute break between activities to do some gentle stretches can give you more energy to complete the task. Doing a heavy activity followed by a light activity can also make a significant difference.

Following these commonsense energy conservation tips can bring more enjoyment to your day, allow you to get more done, help you to feel more relaxed and in control, plus give you a better understanding of your own limits.


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