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Bed Mobility

Whether age related, due to disability, injury or pain sleep is incredibly important to us all. Everything is worse when we don’t get a good night’s sleep. Many things can affect this including, positioning, easy access to the bed, having to get up at night, and ability to roll just to name a few. There are a number of options to consider to help with sleeping. Options to consider can range from: Raising the bed, cushions/pillows, bed levers, hospital style beds and continence products.

Raising the bed can assist with easy access to/from the bed and require less energy/effort to stand after a nights rest.

Bed levers or monkey bars can assist with rolling, sitting up and provide stability when lifting legs into the bed. They can be a great support when standing which aids in safety and falls prevention.

Hospital style beds provide options to adjust height and bed posture. Raising legs or upper body to manage swelling or assist with respiratory functioning and a variety of mattress options to aid with pressure management and comfort.

Getting up during the night to go to the toilet can be frustrating as it disrupts sleep and can also increase the risk of falls. Considering options from bedside commodes, urinal bottles, night lights or walking frames might make all the difference. 


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