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Improving productivity with a workplace assessment - Waikato wide

Whether you are returning to work after an injury or illness we can provide assistance and support with a gradual return to work programme, worksite assessments, education and provision of equipment. 

We can assist with assessing areas of the workplace where staff may be experiencing difficulty or frequent injuries/sprains and strains. Ensuring your workplace and staff are safe and working efficiently is the key to improving productivity and minimising risk of lost time injuries. 

Injury Management

At times we all get aches and pains from injuries, but they are not severe enough to be off work to any great extent. However support and rehab is still required to recover fully. We can assist with Occupational Therapy treatment to provide this support, which may include reviewing work environments and practises. If required we can liaise with ACC if some additional support is required to assist staff to remain at work and function to their full capacity. 

Health and Safety

The cost and compliance surrounding health and safety can impact on an organisation’s day-to-day operations, particularly small and medium-sized businesses. Many firms of this size may not have a health and safety department, but adhering to the new ‘Health and Safety at Work Act’ is compulsory.

Total Rehab Plus offers an advisory and case management service to help firms navigate the health and safety system. We can provide recommendations, implement policies and practices and educate staff on ways to prevent incidents in the workplace to ensure all employees stay fit, healthy and productive.

Returning to Work after health issue or disability

At times staff may experience significant ill health or disabilities and want to remain at work or get back into the work force. We can liaise with doctors/specialist and other health professionals to ensure this can be achieved. In addition we can develop gradual return to work plans, provide advice/education around self-management strategies and environment design.

Staff are a hugely valuable asset and keeping them safe and well is essential to maintain productivity and a happy working environment.


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